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About Horizon Fine Art Gallery

In the Heart of Jackson Hole, WY

A long time original in the alluring resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Horizon Fine Art Gallery showcases the finest in Western art, as well as Contemporary and International art thus portraying all facets of the West and beyond.

At Horizon Fine Art Gallery, you’ll find paintings, photography and art depicting breathtaking scenes of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and its diverse wildlife of bears, buffalo, moose and more, as well as landscapes and scenes from around the world.

From the stark beauty of the desert, to the calm of the coastline – from the bustling energy of the city, to the mystery of foreign lands, we offer collectors a unique visual festival of color and originality for the discerning and artistic eye.

Horizon Fine Art Gallery encourages both first time buyers and experienced collectors to peruse a gallery that has both international and regional art including: painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry, woodworking and fine furnishings.

We pride ourselves in showcasing well known artists as well as upcoming names in the art world.

Located half a block off the Town Square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Horizon Fine Art Gallery invites you to experience a new and different approach to showcasing fine art.

Horizon Fine Art Gallery

Physical Address:
30 S King St., Jackson, WY 83001

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4920, Jackson, WY 83001

Phone: (307) 739-1540

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Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole; Owner, Barbara Nowak

Owner, Barbara Nowak

A King Street Jewel

Owner, Barbara Nowak

In December of 1998, Barbara Nowak’s Horizon Fine Art Gallery was born, and just as a baby is carefully handled and passionately cultivated into phases of experience and success, her eclectic collection thrives in an atmosphere of familial-like bonds and careful tending. There are years of effort behind well-adjusted offspring. Nowak’s gallery is the fruit of passionate understanding of the human spirit and the art of representing artists who themselves offer up their own creative babies for her consideration.

Her selected works represent the world’s best. Without a hint of aristocratic airs, Nowak walks through the gallery describing her duties. “Horizon is my life’s work so when I have to do some of the more mundane tasks that are required here, I’m totally happy to do them.” The gallery’s paintings pull an observer into rainy New York streets, Venetian canals, toward new Russian masters who paint like the old masters. There are queenly jewels, the orange glow of fossilized Polish amber necklaces. On the back wall, three-dimensional, sand-hill cranes, alight into a moonlit sky.

Like many galleries in Jackson, Horizon started with a primarily traditional – western art collection. As her artistic eye matured, she took more risks and began pulling in more diverse pieces. Nowak shares, “A good portion of my off-season is dedicated to discovering new artists.”

Even after many years rooted in art, she’s still addicted to the business she’s grown to love. The gallery is still her baby… a baby she loves with all her artistic heart.

(Source: words by Dondi Tondro-Smith; printed in JH Style Magazine)


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Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole; Owner, Barbara Nowak

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