Laurie Thal

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Earth. Fire. Art.

Welcome to the world of glass blowing. Laurie Thal has mastered this fluid, seductive material for over 26 years, creating delicate bowls, vases, and glasses.

Laurie Thal’s work is exhibited and collected internationally. Her collaborative pieces with Lia Kass have been selected for the elite Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition. In 2009, President Barack Obama presented the Thal-Kass vase “Peacock” to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India.

I was immediately drawn to the spontaneity, the heat, the passion, the quickness and the fluidity of the material.  Everything has to be focused.  You have to work quickly, and that suits my temperament.  After my initiation to glass blowing at Alfred University, I switched from ceramics and never looked back.

One needs a strong foundation of skill and a plan when creating a piece of glass.  Like having a blueprint, it’s important to have a direction when you first gather molten glass.  There are moments when the material takes you in a new direction that can be fortuitous or can ruin the piece.

Living in Jackson, I am surrounded by beauty.  This natural beauty provides the inspirational influence in each piece that I create.  I love it when people say that owning my work, having it in their homes, passing it every day in different light, gives them joy, if I can add to the beauty of their life, that’s all I can ask.

Laurie’s studio is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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