Richard M. Parrish

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Artist’s Statement:

My glass work explores texture and pattern, transparency and opacity, and depth in glass. My training and experience as an architect strongly influences the design of my glass pieces. As an artist and an architect, I find inspiration in both the human-made environment and in the vast landscape of the American west where I grew up. I am fascinated by the constructed and the natural, which I often express in my work. I find that it is critical to my existence to make things with my hands, using real materials.

Purity of form, as seen in both the roundness of the bowls and the square plates, is an essential element in many of the functional pieces. The bowl forms are indented to evoke a sense of holding and balance. The ‘Leaves’ series uses maple, gingko, and aspen leaves to create patterns that are at once recognizable, yet abstract. The composition of these pieces explores the juncture between the organic adn the geometric.

Much of my fused glasswork draws directly on my architectural education and practice, both formally and conceptually. Some of my pieces use images of archetypalj building forms. Many of the glass panels and installation pieces are based loosely on the theme of the archetypal window as an essential architectural element. Physically and poetically, the window is a threshold, a separation, between interior and exterior, and as a connector or projector between inside and outside. And, of course, glass is an architectural or building material and art glass has a long history of integration into architecture.

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