Iris Scott

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“Absolutely one of the most promising and collectible new artists I have had the pleasure of viewing in all my years.”
– Barbara Nowak

If you have never seen Iris Scott work her magic in person, please take a minute and watch the above video.  Her technique lends itself to a textural outpouring rarely seen today, while her ability to imagine movement simply by introducing oil to canvas is truly astounding.

Finger painting is now fine art at the hands of New York based artist Iris Scott. Using her fingertips to strike multiple colors at a time she is like a pianist that understands piano is not to be played one note at a time. Iris Scott was classically trained in Florence, Italy and earned her BFA from Washington State University in 2006.

Iris began oil finger painting in 2009 when she left the States to live a year in Taiwan. By a stroke of lucky laziness one afternoon when it was too hot outside, Iris opted not to pause on her painting to go clean brushes. It was in this moment the technique was discovered. A few swipes of paint with her fingertips and Iris found a new impressionistic style. She has not used a brush since, and has enjoyed painting full time since 2010.

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