Jie Gao

Jie Gao is a figurative artist in both the traditional and digital way. He was born in China and now resides in San Francisco. People come from all over the world are fascinated by his unique style. He has previously taught traditional and digital painting and drawing workshops in many countries, including China and the US. With his international background, Jie sees the reality of the world and art in his own perspective and applies this into his art. Jie is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with his students.

Jie says: “ Compared with other mediums, oil paintings have a longer shelf life and could last for hundreds of years. The thickness of the texture of oil paints is also not available in other media.

In the art of world, after mastering the skills accumulated by predecessors, if I can innovate base on this basis, even a small step is also very remarkable. This is also my goal, to innovate something new in term of the form and content of painting. At the same time, sharing my understanding and knowledge of painting, it is also very meaningful if it can inspire and help other people who are learning painting.”