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James Penfield

Artist, Painter | Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media | Read Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

Growing up with a deep love for the outdoors, and snowboarding in the mountains, Penfield’s approach is based on actively interacting with landscape to generate perceptions and impressions, to break it down and build it back again, creating work that’s based on direct contact with nature through experience.  He comes from a family of commercial artists, woodworking carvers and educators. You can see his fine artwork hung in galleries and spaces across the country.

As a graphic designer I love to work with musicians and music branding, developing aesthetics along with sound. The idea of mixing sensory experience has always intrigued me and I do dabble in the music as much as possible. I look at color and sound like a tool that pushes and pulls space. Trained as a printmaker and graphic designer, color is applied intuitively while painting in process.

I don’t believe in translating nature or the city without actually experiencing it for the impressions it communicates.  But do believe that there exists a distinct set of experiences that we all have related to what we call landscape and wildlife. The trick is to find the spark in the chaos and translating that with order through a medium, to present back to the viewer a more accurate visual image of what we call nature, or to elude to an alternative interpretation through that method of presenting order/chaos, not to overwhelm the mind which misses the point, but to guide it to a higher ground.

Penfield has created original works for Totally Gross National Product, Converse, Vice Magazine/Media LLC, the Denver Children’s Hospital, Hilton Hotels, MN Vikings LLC, Palladium Boots, and others.

He’s painted large scale permanent murals addressing the transformation of MN historical rhetoric, has work hung in permanent collections around the US and has taught painting to students aged 8-18. He’s co created a published 6 book series, step by step on “How to Draw” through Abdo Publishing, available always.

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