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Linda Elliott

Artist, Painter | Medium: Oil | Read Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

Linda Elliott was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Her childhood was filled with hours of exploring and playing in the beautiful fields and woods of Western Washington. Animals were ever present in her environment and her obvious love of them emanates from each one of her paintings.

“I spent a lot of time around animals as a child, especially cattle. They are a natural subject for me. They have a certain serenity, an innate peacefulness that can be soothing to the soul.”

Her paintings are approached with an appreciation of the aesthetics of the animals and their environment, often with a touch of humor. She takes the material furnished by nature and with a unique artistic vitality expresses it in a delicate and sensitive manner. ‘I strive to find the extraordinary in the commonplace and bring it to life.’ Linda’s work is easily recognized by the strong sense of form and design, dramatic light and dark contrasts, and the wonderful earthy colors with rich texture. The end result is a glowing representation of life.

The artist works in various media, concentrating on oil painting. Preliminary sketches are her tools to fine tune composition and resolve anatomy and value questions. ‘If the design questions are addressed before I touch paint to canvas, it allows me more freedom to enjoy working with the paint itself. For me, the most exciting aspect of working with oils is pushing the paint around, exploring textures, and discovering the possibilities of the medium.’

Elliott’s original oils and limited edition prints have been exhibited across the United States. Her award winning art work resides in collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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