Lyubomir Kolarov

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Award winning artist, Chairman of the Free Bulgarian Painters Union.

Lyubomir was born in 1959 in Rouse, Bulgaria. He currently lives and Works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Lyubomir had 22 solo expiations in Bulgaria and abroad. Artworks hold in many private collections in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and Australia.

Lyubomir Kolarov’s talent emerges at a very young age. Only 4 years old, he began to draw animals, landscapes, and portraits of his parents. Inspired by cowboy movies while in elementary school he began to draw comic books that became very popular among his peers.

At the insistence of his parents, Lyubomir studied architecture. Being an architect helps to have a different perspective on art. Outside of school, Lyubomir studied works of his favorite artists, and continued to paint.

In 1989, after the fall of socialism in Bulgaria, he concentrated his efforts on fine art painting. The democracy gave him the opportunity to show his talent and make a successful career out of it. Lyubomir participated in creation of the Free Bulgarian Painters Union and became its chairman.

Lyubomir Kolarov is one of the most famous Bulgarian painters. He had an exhibition at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2010, an honor that very few of contemporary artists had. He also has an exhibition at the International Centre for Foreign Art in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008. Lyubomir won many awards at Bulrgarian art competitions and juried art shows.


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