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Monique Carr

Artist, Painter | Medium: Oil, Acrylic | Read Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

After growing up in Montreal, Canada and spending 10 years in the Cayman Islands, Monique and her husband made East Tennessee home in 1999. Monique worked as a graphic artist for over 20 years prior to becoming a full-time fine artist. Ever evaluating and evolving her style, Monique has continued throughout her professional career to study under many well-known artists, including Guido Frick, Peggy Root, Kim English, David Dunlap, Kathy Odom, Aimone Art School.

The style that emerges in Monique’s work bursts with energy as she combines expressive colors and intriguing textures. Her imaginative landscapes can be described Turneresque. Her florals are fun and full of energy.

“My contemporary landscape paintings are a fusion of experience, experiment and emotion. Instead of painting what I see with my eyes, I want to depict my own interpretation of a scene with my soul. I want to capture the mystery and the beauty of nature. Simultaneously, I’m thinking about composition, harmony, colors, movement, and texture. Atmospheric effects are another wonderful way to create a sense of drama with calm and mystery, which appeals to me.

“I also like to experiment with unusual tools, textures and color combinations, allowing me to see a subject in unexpected ways.

“I want to leave the viewers of my work with feelings of surprise and joy, allowing them to interpret each work in a soulful way that is uniquely their visual experience.” 

“Each painting holds a tiny exclamation mark: It is my trademark!—the playfulness of finding a solitary mark invites audiences to slow down also and reenter the space. To find it, they really have to look. All the while, they are looking at this landscape and becoming familiar with the composition.”

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