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Stewart Anstead

Artist, Painter | Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media | Read Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

Stewart Anstead, artist at Horizon Fine Art GalleryStewart Anstead is a Utah artist who often borrows boldly from imagery of mid-century Americana and reinterprets cultural influences in a more contemporary light.

His recent portfolio of work shows his range of acrylic paint from highly detailed and more photorealistic brushwork to a thick impasto impressionistic expressions to mixed media pieces. He paints the subjects that connect with humans and how we interact with each other, with a special focus on the motion of sports and the emotion that only sports can bring: they include baseball, football, golf, snowsports, motorsports … virtually any athletic pursuit. 

His 20+ years as a professional artist has opened doors for him that he never thought possible, including the creation of a multinational 501(c)(3) children’s charity, and being commissioned to create work for professional sports organizations, pro athletes, celebrities, and world-shaping entrepreneurs.

His approach to creating art is simple. “Everyone has a story to tell,” he said, “and I am in the business of helping people express those stories as seen through my point of view.” He never just renders an existing photo, but–in essence–creates a unique moment or recreates events that could actually have happened.

His work is included in galleries and in public and private collections around the world.


You can see more samples of his work here:

Instagram: @ansteadarts | LinkedIn | #AskforanAnstead | |



About the DK Series

The DK Series is mixed media artwork that is typically developed on canvas.

They are built around the theme of decay of public signage. They include billboards, ads, and other public messages. These are typically reflective of cultural symbols that connect timeframes with activities, public figures, entertainment, and industry. Each layer peels away to reveal another image/message obscured just underneath upper layers. Often, they tell a story of a community, a recreational activity, or of an individual. Although they don’t often blatantly say a town name, a business name, or a person’s name in the work, the fragments of news articles and other ephemera that tell that story are scattered throughout each work, and can make a piece take on a new life upon closer viewing.

After a piece is competed, they are then sealed with an acrylic varnish on the face panel and the sides.


The Process

Each piece involves a mixture of paper, acrylic paints, computer rendering, and several other media that fuse together to tell a story. Each involves a baseline concept and then imagery is gathered together from multiple sources, including those produced by the artist as well as from vintage sources such as newspapers and public domain images. The piece is built up in a similar way as a traditional painting. Various power tools are used to add to the aging and weathering affects. The processes of creation and destruction are an exorcise of exploration. Each take on their own personality and come together like a puzzle.



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